Winter Wraps
Edge Paintings

we see by metaphor

My paintings are about how the eye sees, how the mind sees, and the intriguing play between the two.

A painting is a plastic construction of form and colour. It is our mind, seeking meaning, that desires subject matter. I explore this duality. First, it is possible to have an intrinsically poetic experience of the basic elements of a painting. As well, we have an equally authentic experience, through the associations the mind makes of a painting, that may bring to mind a landscape we recognize or a metaphysical perplexity we know.

The paintings are colourful and abstract. Working with acrylic paint in repeated layers, I create images evoking a sense of recognition or association that testify to the emotional and psychological power of the paintings.

The site has been organized into sub-categories determined by the main ideas occupying me at the time. Despite variances each section deals with similar sentiments.

At times the work appears purely abstract and often it ventures towards the representational. Regardless the impulse behind the painting remains the same. Art can be as fluid and self-defining as life itself. Paintings are a subjective view of the humanity we strive for; with all the moral contradictions and spiritual yearning implied in being alive.

© 2014 Andrew Glinski